Sonders On The Bond Bubble

Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders says that, while we’re  probably past the low point for interest rates, she’s not expecting a big spike in rates in the near future.

“The view from our fixed-income group has been lower for longer,” Sonders tells The Motley Fool. “Yes, you are probably well past the major, major tailwind of a 30-year decline in inflation and interest rates, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it looks like a V on the upside, as long as we have the Fed in the position that it’s in, which is not only keeping rates low on the short end, but buying on the long end and very little reason in the very near term why they should stop that.” She says that fixed-income investors need to be mindful of the possibility that rates will rise, but, with the velocity of money low and no upward pressure on wages, she doesn’t think it’s reached the point where they need to “head for the hills”.

In a separate video, Sonders talks about Europe and the United States’ relationship, and what that means for different sectors of the market.

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