Sonders On Weather, Inflation, And The Fed

Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders says she thinks the market’s recent turnaround has more to do with a belief that weather has been behind some weak economic data than it does with a belief that a weaker economy will lead the Federal Reserve to slow its plan to taper its asset purchases. “There is a lot of indication that [the weak data] has been very dependent on the weather, but I also think we’re well past the point where the market is going to rally on negative news,” Sonders tells Yahoo! Finance’s Daily Ticker. “I think the market wants to see tapering. I think it wants to see monetary policy move toward normalization and we are well past the point where a Fed having to open up the bazooka again would be good for the market.” Sonders reiterates her belief that we’re in a secular bull market. She also talks about how the economy has fared historically after periods of rough weather, and why she thinks inflation won’t be a problem any time soon.

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