Chris Davis of Davis Advisors Shares Market Insights

In a recent interview with Barron’s, Davis Advisors’ chairman and portfolio manager Chris Davis shares valuable insights for investors regarding the current market environment. Here are some key takeaways: The market has suffered intense volatility because of the coronavirus pandemic but has bounced back in a way that doesn’t align with the underlying economic data, Davis says, adding that he and his firm “recognize that  the short term is completely unpredictable” but that if you… Read More

Top Value Investor Chris Davis on the Value in Financials

Chris Davis, chairman of the value investing shop, Davis Advisors, and portfolio manager of multiple Davis funds including the Davis Financial Fund, talks about a wide range of investing topics with WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack.  One of the key points he makes early in the interview is that financial firms with the right culture and the right business can be “compounding machines” over many years or decades. Many financials are growth stocks disguised as a value… Read More

Long-time Financial Sector Investor Chris Davis on Identifying the Best Opportunities

Chris Davis of The Davis Advisors, who currently manages the $14.3 billion Davis New York Venture founded by his father, thinks opportunities to invest in the financial sector are as good today as they were when he launched the Davis Financial Fund in 1991. That fund ended 2014 up 13% and is currently beating 64% of its peers. “We’re in a very similar environment” regarding financial companies as in the early 1990s, he said in… Read More

Advice from the Best — In 10 Words or Less

Could you distill your investment philosophy into 10 words or less? In his latest post for The Wall Street Journal’s Total Return blog, Jason Zweig poses that question to some of the world’s most successful investors. Zweig says that when someone recently asked him the question, he “laughed and said, ‘Of course not!’ But right afterward, I realized to my surprise that I could. I banged this out almost instantly: Anything is possible, and the unexpected is… Read More

Winters, Davis See Gloomy Climate As Buying Opportunity

Top fund manager David Winters says that now is not the time to be fleeing stocks, and that he feels “like a kid in a candy store” because of the abundance of values in the market right now. Winters tells WealthTrack’s Consuelo Mack that he thinks people “are gonna make a lot of dough” in stocks if they can find businesses that capitalize on shifting global trends. Both he and investment manager Chris Davis discuss… Read More

The Stars — and Fallen Stars — of 2008

Kiplinger’s Fred Frailey looks this week at how some of the world’s top money managers got hammered by the recent market crash, as well as at how other noted managers lived up to their reputations and avoided the plunge. According to Frailey, some of 2008’s big-name losers have been Legg Mason’s Bill Miller (down 59% as of Oct. 30); Longleaf Partners’ Mason Hawkins (down 47%); Oakmark Select’s Bill Nygren (down 36%); Selected American’s Chris Davis… Read More