Paulsen: Say ‘No’ To QE3

Wells Capital Management’s Jim Paulsen says the Federal Reserve shouldn’t undertake another round of quantitative easing, and instead should focus on restoring confidence. “I think the Fed, by continuing to respond every time the stock market dips as though they’re panicked that we’re going to fall into a depression, is helping to keep confidence low,” Paulsen tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout. “The Fed doing nothing would do more good for confidence than it would do harm to… Read More

Paulsen Likes Industrials, Emerging Markets

Wells Capital’s James Paulsen says he’s finding a lot of good values in emerging market stocks and in US stocks that are more economically sensitive. Paulsen tells BloombergRadio’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” that he doesn’t think the economic expansion is over, and that fears of a hard landing for China and a recession for the US have been creating a lot of bargains both at home and abroad. In the US he likes manufacturing, basic materials, and… Read More

Europe Won’t Derail U.S. Market, Paulsen Says

Wells Capital Management’s James Paulsen says Europe’s woes will create volatility for the U.S. market, but won’t derail it. Paulsen tells Bloomberg that the sensitivity of financial markets to the Europe debt news is “decaying”. He says he thinks the U.S. market will be driven more by what’s happening in the emerging market world and in the U.S. itself. Paulsen says the U.S. economy has slowed, but that it’s not dead, and wonders if investors… Read More

European Woes: Buying Opportunity or Cause for Concern?

James Paulsen of Wells Capital says he thinks the latest European debt fears will, once again, prove to be a buying opportunity for investors. Paulsen also tells Bloomberg that declining mortgage rates and gas prices are providing a stimulus to the economy, which is doing better than expected. Lincoln Ellis of Strategic Financial Group offers a different take. [youtube=]

Paulsen on The “Revaluation” Year, and The “Mania of Pessimism”

Wells Capital’s James Paulsen says that this year will be about revaluation for the stock market, and that if inflation is kept under control, the market could have a slow and steady climb for some time. “Last year we had a good gain in earnings, but the multiple on the market contracted because of two fears that were grossly overstated: that the U.S. was headed for imminent recession and that the European situation could blow up and… Read More

Paulsen likes EMs, Industrials, Financials

Wells Capital’s James Paulsen says he thinks investors would be wise to look at stocks in the emerging market, industrial, and financial areas of the market. In a radio interview, Paulsen told MarketWatch’s Larry Kofsky that he thinks a resurgence in emerging market growth and growing confidence in the U.S. make those areas attractive right now, and discusses why he thinks investors should lighten up in defensive areas like utilities and dividend stocks. Paulsen also… Read More

Paulsen: Stocks Are Attractive, Gold Is Not

Wells Capital’s Jim Paulsen says the stock market environment “remains very good”, though he advises shifting out of stocks that have done well in the first quarter and into those that have lagged. Paulsen tells CNBC that the S&P 500 may be cheaper than it was when it reached its high of 1365 last year, because earnings are up and interest rates have fallen further. He thinks a correction is coming, but says it’s hard… Read More

Paulsen Still Likes Financials and Cyclicals

Wells Capital Management’s James Paulsen thinks cyclical stocks will continue to outperform the broader market for some time. Paulsen tells Yahoo! Finance’s Breakout that cyclicals tend to outperform as long as unemployment claims are trending downward, and thinks it won’t be time to get more defensive until new claims for unemployment get down below the 300,000 per week range. He likes the financial sector, and he also discusses why he thinks dividend stocks may be… Read More

Paulsen: Turn to Unloved Sectors in 2012

Wells Capital’s Jim Paulsen thinks the European debt crisis will fade into a “chronic problem” rather than a crisis in 2012, which will help the economy and stocks perform better than expected. And that has him wary of “safe” stocks like consumer staples, utilities and dividend-paying large caps. “Not that they’re going to get killed, but everyone ran there [last year] and bid up their values,” he says, according to “I’d be underweight there… Read More

Paulsen Sees Job Gains Having Domino Effect

Wells Capital Management’s Jim Paulsen says he sees continued gains in job creation spurring a rebound in confidence that should lift many parts of the economy. Paulsen tells Bloomberg that for the first time in this recovery, we’re seeing job creation at a pace that should steadily decrease the unemployment rate. And that, he says, should result in a broadening of confidence that could lift everything from the U.S. consumer to the housing industry. He… Read More