Ken Fisher to the Fed: Cutting Interest Rates Will Hurt Economy

In a recent article for USA Today, investment expert, author and columnist Ken Fisher wrote, “Hey Federal Reserve Board: Pay attention!” adding that the central bank’s plan to cut short-term interest rates represents “demand-side thinking” and ignores the “bigger basics.” Instead, Fisher argues, the Fed should “dump all those bonds you idiotically bought under your ill-conceived ‘quantitative di-easing (QE) programs. Get real.” Fisher contends that the Fed should be concerned with the inverted yield curve… Read More

Good Strategies Look Beyond Earnings

Whether it’s talk about earnings growth or earnings estimates or price/earnings ratios, stock market news is usually filled with discussions of corporate earnings. But in his latest for Seeking Alpha, Validea CEO John P. Reese says that good investing goes beyond looking at earnings-related metrics. “Earnings don’t always tell the whole story,” Reese writes.  “In fact, oftentimes other metrics can provide an even better gauge of how a company or the market is doing. The… Read More

Great Pages: Fisher On Market Timing

Can a single page of a book change your investment life? We believe it can. Periodically, we highlight some of the Great Pages that have had a great impact on our investment philosophy. Today, we cheat just a bit, looking at two pages in Kenneth Fisher’s classic “Super Stocks”. Fisher shows how even if you could time every 100-point move of the market, you still wouldn’t make as much money as you would investing in fundamentally sound “super… Read More