When to Expect Stocks to Revisit Their Coronavirus Crash Low

In a recent MarketWatch article, columnist Mark Hulbert argues that those who say the coronavirus bear market is behind us may be more hopeful than correct. “While the market’s rally since its March 23 low has been explosive,” Hulbert writes, “it’s not unprecedented.” He notes that since the Dow’s creation in the late 1800s, there have been 38 “other occasions where it rallied just as much (or more) in just as short a period—and all… Read More

The Last 800 Years of Data Show No Bottom Yet

A recent Barron’s article discusses the current market downturn within the context of historical data going back to the 13th century—which shows there is “ample precedent for the current crisis.” “Many of the biggest economic contractions came during pandemics, with the Black Death of 1349 resulting in a 23.5% decline in England’s economy, the second worst on record,” the article reports, after the 25.4% in 1629 when King Charles I dissolved Parliament. In U.S. history,… Read More

Kass: It’s Dinner Time

TheStreet.com’s Doug Kass — a pretty hardened bear whose stance began to soften last month — is now standing firm in his call that we’ve reached a bottom. “We live in a Land of Johnny-Come-Lately Chicken Littles, most of whom failed to identify the credit and economic risks 1½ years ago but who today hold with alacrity and great confidence a belief in a continued dire outcome for equities, as they all too often see… Read More