Marko Kolanovic Says Quant Investing Has Limits

An article in Bloomberg last month profiled an interview with JPMorgan Chase global head of macro quantitative and derivatives research Marko Kolanovic, who has gained a following in the investment community for his market-moving announcements. The article reports that Kolanovic—who leads a global team of about 50 researchers– began developing his ideas about systematic investing strategies in 2015. The idea gained popularity, but also brought some blind spots into Kolanovic’s focus. “If you’re running a… Read More

A Shepherd for the Market’s Lost Bulls

An article in Bloomberg offers a variety of market insights, starting with those of JPMorgan Chase analyst Marko Kolanovic, nicknamed “Gandalf,” “whose timely calls have allowed him to dominate Institutional Investor’s annual rankings of top strategists for a decade or so.” Kolanovic has cited the possibility of a year-end “rolling squeeze” due in large part to a surge in corporate stock buybacks after earnings season. The sentiment has been echoed by others, including UBS Group… Read More