The Big Short’s Michael Burry Slams Lockdowns

Doctor-turned-investor Michael Burry, who bet against mortgage securities before the 2008 financial crisis, has condemned the coronavirus-related lockdown on social media. This according to a recent Bloomberg article. In a series of tweets over the past several weeks, Burry has reportedly argued that government-directed shutdowns in the U.S. are not necessary to control the epidemic and have disproportionately hurt low-income families and minorities. In an email to Bloomberg, Burry wrote, “Universal stay-at-home is the most… Read More

Michael Burry of The Big Short Sees Passive Investing Bubble

Michael Burry, whose bet against mortgage securities before the 2008 crisis was immortalized in the film “The Big Short” sees another contrarian opportunity in what he characterizes as a “bubble” in passive investment. This according to an article in Bloomberg. The article says, “As money pours into exchange-traded funds and other index-tracking products that skew toward big companies, Burry says smaller value stocks are being unduly neglected around the world.” In a note to Bloomberg… Read More