Top U.K. Manager: Macro Concerns Are Old Hat; Sees Opportunities

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford says that the recent round of economy-driven market fears are nothing new, and that long-term investors can profit from the market’s declines.

“Although our funds have held up very well during the sell-off, many of the companies in which we have high levels of confidence that have seen their share prices fall dramatically,” Woodford said recently, according to CityWire. “We believe this provides a very attractive investment opportunity for those prepared to take a longer-term perspective.”

Woodford is concerned about the macroeconomic climate, but no more so than he’s been for a while now. With a sluggish environment in the U.K., he’s been looking for firms that do a good amount of business overseas. He has about a quarter of his fund in healthcare stocks and another quarter in consumer goods stocks, according to CityWire.

Woodford also says that the recent market selling has been indiscriminate. But he thinks value will eventually win out. “I believe that fundamentals are yet to assert themselves and I am confident that the value in the portfolio will be recognised through significant absolute returns over the long term,” he says.