Validea’s Justin Carbonneau on the Acquirer’s Multiple Podcast

Last week Validea Partner Justin Carbonneau was interviewed by Tobias Carlisle on the Acquirer’s Multiple Podcast. Toby and Justin discuss Validea and our approach to investing, as well as a bunch of other investing related topics. Below is an outline of the discussion and a link to the video.

  • How Validea capture’s quantitative models and what we do with them;
  • How we actually implement these strategies in the real world;
  • The underperformance of value stocks, the outperformance of growth, and the possible reversion;
  • Dollar cost “down” averaging and beating Mohnish Pabrai;
  • Buffett’s incredible long-term returns;
  • Tax management strategies and quantitative investing;
  • Trying to avoid value traps;
  • The importance of investing discipline and conviction;
  • Factor timing;
  • And lots more

If you have questions about the podcast, you can reach Justin at