Wall Street Legends Sounding Alarm on Stocks

“The biggest names in finance are coming around to a view that seemed unlikely a few weeks ago: Stocks are vastly overvalued.” This according to a recent Bloomberg article. The article notes comments from Stan Druckenmiller who earlier this month characterized the prediction for a V-shaped recovery as a “fantasy.” David Tepper has reportedly said that equity valuations are “nuts,” and Bill Miller, Paul Singer and Paul Tudor Jones have all echoed doubts about the… Read More

David Tepper Leaves Big Shoes to Fill

An article by Bloomberg columnist Nir Kaissar highlights the recent exit from the hedge fund industry of star manager David Tepper, who last month announced that he plans to return money to outside investors and focus his attention on managing his own fortunes and running his Carolina Panthers football team. Noting that Tepper is the latest in a long line of managers who have chosen different paths, Kaissar writes, “It’s hard to blame them. They… Read More

Tepper to Return Outside Money

A recent Bloomberg article reports that billionaire David Tepper intends to return money to outside investors, “following other marquee names who quit the struggling hedge fund industry to manage their own capital.” According to the article, the founder of Appaloosa Management–“one of the most revered hedge fund managers”– hasn’t made a final decision on timing. It explains that the move comes after Tepper’s purchase last year of the football team the Carolina Panthers, sparking concern… Read More

David Tepper Says the Market is Not Overheated

The head of Appaloosa Management is “rejecting arguments that stocks are overvalued and believes there are still plenty of opportunities,” according to a recent CNBC article. Tepper says “any comparisons to past overheated markets are ridiculous,” adding that while stocks do look expensive, higher multiples are supported by the global economy in which he believes growth will continue and earnings will improve. Tepper argues further that stocks are still inexpensive relative to interest rates, and… Read More

Tepper Likes the Market’s Economic Backdrop

In a recent CNBC interview, Appaloosa’s David Tepper said that while stocks are not “really cheap,’” current economic conditions provide a solid backbone for the market. “Listen,” Tepper argued, “it’s hard to go short when you still have the drugs being given.” The hedge fund manager emphasized the importance of reduced regulation, a “cornerstone of President Trump’s platform.” On the other hand, he argued, the new administration’s stance on immigration is “dangerous.” Regarding interest rates,… Read More

Tepper, Dalio, Gundlach on Opportunities and Risks in Today’s Market

Investment heavy weights, including David Tepper of Appaloosa Management and Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates recently shared their market insights with Forbes. Tepper’s view on the US market is that it trades at around fair value, but that it can “grind higher” barring any major outside event (i.e. a Brexit or something else). The most important thing facing investors right now, says Tepper, is the Federal Reserve. He believes the Fed will be very patient… Read More

Chinese Easing Might be Magic Formula for Stocks says Tepper

In a recent CNBC interview, hedge fund manager David Tepper says, “if there was a magic formula, it would be China really easing a lot, and I consider them much much too tight still and they play a lot of games with their economy.” He continued, “not one quarter, but . . . a couple hundred basis points.”  Tepper opined that “the United States is great,” it is China “that’s really causing the problem; it’s… Read More

Tepper on the Taper

Hedge fund guru David Tepper says low interest rates should continue to push stocks higher. Tepper tells CNBC that he thinks interest rates will be lower in the future than they have been historically, which he says many aren’t factoring in to their market predictions. While growth is also likely to be slower than it had been historically, he thinks the lower rates will help offset that. In a separate video, Tepper discusses why he… Read More

Tepper Still Says Tapering Is A Good Thing

While others are fretting about the possibility of the Federal Reserve tapering its asset-purchasing plan, hedge fund guru David Tepper says tapering efforts would actually be good news. “All the concern in the markets is because the Fed sees the economy stronger in the future,” Tepper said in a statement, according to CNBC. “The bond (market) is concerned about the strength,” he said. “A 10 (year) bond at 2.4 or even at 3 (percent) if… Read More