Jamie Dimon Predicts 5% Treasury Yield

At the Aspen Institute’s 25th Annual Summer Celebration Gala in August, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon warned that a 5 percent yield on the 10-year Treasury is in the offing. This according to an article in Bloomberg. “You’d better be prepared to deal with rates 5 percent or higher—it’s a higher probability than most people think,” Dimon said. Notwithstanding, he expressed a positive general outlook, saying the current bull market could “actually go on for… Read More

Dimon and Buffett: Short-Termism is Hurting Economy

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and Berkshire CEO Warren Buffett joined forces to pen a recent Wall Street Journal article that warns against short-termism. “Every generation of Americans has the responsibility to leave behind a stronger, more prosperous society than the one it found,” they write. “The nation’s greatest achievements have always derived from long-term investments.” The article argues that, to this end, public companies should consider dispensing with providing quarterly earnings-per-share guidance (a view… Read More