Oracle of Oxford is In the Red

A recent Bloomberg article reports that British “master” stock-picker and Buffett disciple Neil Woodford, whose flagship fund had outperformed his peers in 2015, is now “in the red and his slump is deepening.” The drop in Woodford’s 6.7 billion-pound ($9.3 billion) main fund extended this year’s decline to more than 7 percent, “one of the worst performances among competitors,” according to the article. In a video posted on his firm’s website, however, Woodford quickly reassured… Read More

Woodford Stays Defensive Amid Market Gains

Whille stocks have been performing well, top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford is keeping his portfolio in defensive position. “At a time when the U.K. stockmarket appears more relaxed about the risks facing the world economy and financial markets, we have become a bit more cautious,” Woodford said in a recent client note, according to The Financial Times. “The environment is still very challenging in a real sense, but financial markets have been propped up… Read More

Woodford Sees Global Stagflation

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford remains cautious about the global economy, and says he expects a prolonged period of stagflation. “As we have gone through 2012, it has become clear that the economic headwinds have increased in strength rather than receded — the eurozone crisis has rolled on and become more intense while the US economy, which grew rapidly throughout the winter, has slowed through the spring and into the summer,” Woodford recently wrote… Read More

Woodford Says Economy Doesn’t Support “Wave of Optimism”

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford sees a “wave of optimism” among stock investors, and says it may be unjustified given the state of the global economy. “The current wave of optimism sweeping global stock markets assumes that the developed world will now emerge from the period of low economic growth it has faced since the banking crisis of 2008,” Woodford wrote in a recent monthly update, according to “Our view is that it… Read More

Woodford: Deleveraging Is Coming; Focus on Dividends

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford thinks the impact of the financial crisis will be felt for many more years and that the Western world is headed for a period of deleveraging. But he’s finding attractive opportunities in pharmaceutical and high-dividend stocks. “Mr. Woodford believes [too many fund managers] are failing to understand the bigger picture of the ongoing banking crisis,” writes Mark Dampier, the head of research at Hargreaves Lansdown, in a piece for… Read More

Woodford: Europe on Verge of Recession

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford says Europe is on the verge of recession, and continues to see tough times ahead for the developed world. “The increasingly tough economic outlook is not a surprise to us and we believe the eurozone is on the verge of a renewed recession and there are downside risks to forecasts of UK economic growth,” Woodford tells Investment Week. “We maintain our view the developed world faces a prolonged period… Read More

Top U.K. Manager Sees Trouble for Economy, But Not for Stocks

Neil Woodford, the U.K. manager whose fund has posted very strong results over the past year and over the long term, thinks Europe is headed for recession, but thinks equities will offer good opportunities despite the economic turmoil. ‘The backdrop is very difficult and there’s huge volatility, but through that volatility the predictable, high-quality, undervalued assets in which we have sub-investments are still delivering and we expect them to keep delivering,” Woodford says, according to… Read More

Top U.K. Manager: Macro Concerns Are Old Hat; Sees Opportunities

Top U.K. fund manager Neil Woodford says that the recent round of economy-driven market fears are nothing new, and that long-term investors can profit from the market’s declines. “Although our funds have held up very well during the sell-off, many of the companies in which we have high levels of confidence that have seen their share prices fall dramatically,” Woodford said recently, according to CityWire. “We believe this provides a very attractive investment opportunity for… Read More

Top U.K. Manager Finding Value

Neil Woodford, one of the U.K.’s top fund managers, recently offered some of his tips on how to manage risk and find value in the market. Writing for London’s Telegraph, Woodford says that being “highly selective” about his stock picks mitigates risk. “This leads on to my focus on valuation and, by searching for those stocks that I believe are undervalued, I am essentially investing where the risks are already in the price,” he writes.… Read More