Fisher: Election Year A Bullish Sign For Stocks

In his latest piece for Forbes, Kenneth Fisher says he thinks President Obama will be tougher to unseat than many Republicans seem to think. But regardless of who wins, he says, the fact that we’re heading into an election year bodes well for stocks.

“Of the 21 election years since the S&P index began, 17 were positive,” Fisher writes. “That’s 81%, and the average total return during those election years was 10.9%. Dig deeper and you will see that when we reelect a Democrat, the total return averages 14.8% and when we elect a new Republican the total return averages 18.8%. Either way investors win. The process itself increases optimism, and that boosts stocks.”

Fisher also offers a handful of stocks that he likes heading into an election year. Among them: Royal Caribbean Cruises, a beaten-down pick that he says is offering a lot of value, and should bounce as recession fears fade.