Fisher Likes Pharma, Tech, and Toys -- and Books

In his latest column for Forbes, Kenneth Fisher recommends a number of classic investing books, and advises readers to learn all they can from them. 

Among the books Fisher touts are Benjamin Graham and David Dodd’s Security Analysis, and Roger Babson’s Business Barometers for Anticipating Conditions — which he thinks could increase 100-fold in value over the next 20 years. But potential collectible gains aren’t the only reason to read these classics, he adds: “There is another benefit to collecting investment classics. Learning from them may lead you to make wiser decisions and ultimately help you build your wealth. So read a few classics this summer.”

Fisher also offers a handful of stocks that he’s high on right now, with two from the pharmaceutical industry and two others that involve toys or games. Among them: Mattel and Forest Laboratories. To read the full article and see all the picks, click here.