Fisher on the "Fretting Zone"

Kenneth Fisher says investors need to stop being so myopic, and instead focus on the bigger picture.

“Markets don’t care one whit about news sooner than about 90 days from now or longer than about 30 months out. The period in between is the fretting zone,” Fisher writes in his latest Forbes column. “To hell with what Ben Bernanke says next week — or any week, for that matter. So what if next month’s GDP revision exceeds or lags expectations? Markets are months ahead of that. Journalists always ask me about how news will impact stocks. I always tell them: ‘Ignore it.'”

Fisher also says investors can ignore long-term issues like global warming and Social Security solvency problems. “If any of these bogeys come to fruition, markets will start reacting when we are about two and a half years away from the real threat,” he says.

Fisher says investors should focus on finding fundamentally sound stocks, and offers several picks, including Western Digital.