Fisher's Solutions To Five Investing Dilemmas

In his latest Forbes column, Kenneth Fisher takes a look at five “common investor dilemmas”, and offers his solutions.

“Hundreds of investors ask me questions each year about the dilemmas they confront,” Fisher writes. “Their worst problem? Uncertainty. … My solution is to keep it simple: Buy the stocks of great companies at reasonable valuations.”

Among the other dilemmas Fisher looks at: “The Federal Reserve is printing money, and the country’s going to hell.” His solution? “The solution, of course, is to diversify globally, and one of the best ways I know to stave off inflation is buying in Deutschland,” he says. “The Germans have little tolerance for inflation.”

Another dilemma Fisher looks at: “You need cash flow, but it’s a scary world.” With bonds offering little in the way of yield, Fisher says the solution is to look to large-cap stocks. One he’s particularly high on: telecom giant Verizon.

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